Welcome to Anime+, a weekly anime news/reviews/previews all-around show done by us, Alex and Luis. The podcast is a hobby of ours and done absolutely on our own time because of our love for anime. We try to spread out to all crowds by keeping listeners up to date with news, previewing recently released fansubbed animes straight from Japan, and extending ourselves to retail consumers looking for a good licensed purchase with balanced and objective reviews.

Alex 1
Alex |
Hey, what’s up? I’m a 20 year old Vietnamese college student at the University of Texas. I’m a down to earth guy and I love to read and write. When I review anime I really place a heavy emphasis on staying objective because while I may LOVE an anime it could possibly be terrible in conventional forms. I’m not an ‘OTAKU’, I don’t use Japanese phrases in common language and I don’t obsess over every detail of the latest Bleach episode. I also don’t degrade myself by watching Naruto filler. This aside, I really do love watching anime and giving my self-proclaimed balanced opinion. We deliberately chose not to give ourselves ridiculous tags such as “SSJGOKU” “HEEROYUY” “KENSHIN” or “SASUKE” after reasoning (quite easily) that this was totally lame.

Luis 1
Luis |
Hey, guys welcome to Anime+ Podcast. I am 20 years old college student at Baylor University. Some of my favorite hobbies include magic and creating digital art. What I like most about anime is that I can enjoy quality entertainment from my computer or TV whenever I want and at the same time take part of a cultural experience. I live in Humble, TX a suburb of Houston about 15 minutes away from Alex’s house. I have been doing the whole bittorrent anime thing since Alex introduced me to anime four years ago. I enjoy doing the podcast and I especially like reading fan mail. When watching an anime I am one to be very annoyed by unneeded flashbacks and fillers; like everyone else I suppose. When watching licensed anime I use Netflix which has been very convenient. When reviewing an anime I consider the year it was published, animation, story, originality, and enjoyability.