Fanservice: RAGED


What is fanservice? That’s a good question, a question I wondered when I first watched Evangelion. At the end of each episode they kept having Misato say, “And be sure to watch the next episode there’s fanservice.” I never felt serviced at all, even though the episode would be pretty good I wanted the fanservice. After watching anime for about a year or so I finally figured out what fanservice was.

Anime + Definition of Fanservice:

Fahn – sehur – vycess (breasts, panties, shower scene)
The showing of animated characters’, usually female, sexually provocative regions. This subliminal message is intended to be addicting and usually has no purpose otherwise. Fun rating: 0

Shower Scenes Make a Good Anime

When a character steps into a shower you know it’s going to be good. Once that steaming water hits that naked body with carefully picked camera angles you will be forced into submission.

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Full Metal Alchemist: RAGED

Everyone has seen or heard of Full Metal Alchemist, the insanely popular anime released in 2003 that captured the hearts of anime viewers everywhere. It focused on a short main character named Edward Elric and his brother who was unfortunately turned into a walking piece of armor, Alphonse. But everyone knows that. Do you know why everyone knows that? Everyone watched it. People were pulled in immediately to a vortex of alchemy and hardcore action. Edward rips off his cloak and becomes a total badass and all are seduced to the typical Naruto/Bleach ‘totally sweet’ factor. Once sucked into this spinning mass of awesomeness you can’t escape. The thing that you don’t realize is that it ISN’T awesome, it’s just CRAZY overrated and you think, “Well everyone else is cosplaying it so I better watch it…”

The Characters SUCK
The characters really do suck. I mean Edward is as stereotypical as you can possibly get and he is not dynamic at all. He’s boring and entirely predictable. Furthermore, he doesn’t look cool. I would go on about the rest of the characters but they are all the same, predictable and annoying. They just have this seemingly “badass awesome” factor that people are suddenly attached to. What is so good about Envy? Nothing he looks like a girl. What is so good about Alphonse? He is annoying and makes no contribution to the series at all, not to mention being an absolutely flat character. His armor isn’t even cool. It’s hideous and not only that but he has incestuous thoughts about his brother. Tell me I’m wrong…

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