Last Update: 03/31/2008

What now?
We’re back! After an extended hiatus we have returned to production. We have some big plans ahead of us so stay tuned.

Is there a mailing list I can join to keep up with the latest Anime+ Podcast news?
Yes. Our mailing list form can be found here.

Can you guys review/preview (insert anime here) for me?
Drop us an email at our contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

Can my voice get heard on the cast?
If you have an opinion send it to us on our contact page and if it’s interesting, funny and/or insightful enough we’ll include it on air.

When do you release podcasts?
We don’t have set timeframes for when we release our cast anymore because our schedules are constantly changing. We try to release as many as we can as soon as we can.

What’s the name of the song I heard in episode…?
Try emailing us with a description and we’ll do our best to remember.

What is Alex’s/Luis’ Blog URL?
Alex’s Blog | http://www.xanga.com/adistantstar
Luis’ Blog | http://www.xanga.com/riveral

I would like to donate, do you guys accept donations?
Thanks for your offer, we started this project because of our love for anime, not because we wanted to make money. Since day 1, animepodcast.org has been an ad free website, minus a few adsense experiments and affiliations. However, user donations have the potential to help us with hosting costs.

If you still want to support us but don’t have the means to donate we gladly accept praise emails. Also, linking to animepodcast.org helps too.

Wait, what is a podcast anyway?
Our ‘Subscribe to Anime+‘ page provides an excellent explanation.

Any questions left unanswered can be asked through our mailing form.