Yup. We’re at college. If you’re ever at the UT campus check me out! You can find Luis at Baylor. (Update: Luis’ photo added)

University of Texas

Yeah, not even I can believe Texas lost to Ohio. Oh well.
Luis, and stuff. (I’m in the middle)


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Where the hell are we?

Some of you may be asking, “Where the hell are we?” Well, as you may have noticed, we have not been releasing our weekly podcasts. It may be even more correct to ask, “Where the hell is Alex?” because in reality it is me that is gone. And by gone, I mean gone to college and away from Houston. We started the podcast while we were still in high school for our senior year and at that time I received my acceptance to the University of Texas in Austin where I am at presently taking summer courses. There is no possible way for Luis and I to create the podcast on a weekly basis even if I had the necessary time to edit and watch anime. You may have noticed that on our first podcast episode the voice quality was significantly lower than our subsequent podcasts the reason for this being that we attempted to do our podcast on Skype. This was ultimately more convenient but ended up being quite trashy if you ask me since we don’t have the necessary equipment than the guys, say, at Diggnation. The rest of the podcasts were done at our studio in Kingwood, Texas aka my room. It could be possible for us to do the podcast on Skype but it will be bad quality. If it risks the quality of the cast, I will not do it.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. It was a great experience and for me I was finally able to release my opinions on anime. Some of you may have hated me for some of my RAGED articles (Full Metal Alchemist ring a bell?) but I did receive many, many encouraging emails commenting on the quality of our podcast. I agree, as far as my ego will permit, that the podcast we released was top quality. One of these qualities I particularly enjoyed was the background music which is often frowned upon because it can distract the listener. I played often with the music, picking different ones and searching for what was the best. It also let me put into action many of my favorite songs.

So, you may be asking, what of the future? I will be releasing articles every now and then but the podcast will be on HOLD until the SUMMER OF 2007 when I will be free to work on the podcast.

Thanks everyone.

On a short note, we have more subscribers than we have ever had… ever.

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Anime+ Podcast Episode #006 (30:08)


  • Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers

  • Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds

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Delays and spring break

So, we recorded the sixth podcast just as we usually did. We were doing some animes, I don’t even remember what they are now. After we recorded it, it came time for me to edit the audio. See, this is the part that is messed up. I didn’t edit the audio. Reason? Well, I started it and was about half-way through it and then spring break started. I said to myself, “Well, I’ll have a lot of time to do the podcast.” And I had LOTS and LOTS of time. Luis went on vacation so the pressure was kind of off. More like, there was no pressure. During spring break, I did absolutely nothing. Seriously. My friend came over one day and we were messing around. He wanted to look at his stupid MySpace so I said go ahead. I had the sixth podcast opened (unfinished mind you) and he closed it like an idiot. I tried to recover it but all I could get was the fifth podcast. Total letdown. In short, we haven’t released a cast in a really long time, basically all my fault. However, look forward to a revitalized set of podcasts coming up soon and stay tuned. I think we have a good lineup for everyone. Again, I appreciate all the feedback and I do read all of them. Thanks guys.


Fanservice: RAGED


What is fanservice? That’s a good question, a question I wondered when I first watched Evangelion. At the end of each episode they kept having Misato say, “And be sure to watch the next episode there’s fanservice.” I never felt serviced at all, even though the episode would be pretty good I wanted the fanservice. After watching anime for about a year or so I finally figured out what fanservice was.

Anime + Definition of Fanservice:

Fahn – sehur – vycess (breasts, panties, shower scene)
The showing of animated characters’, usually female, sexually provocative regions. This subliminal message is intended to be addicting and usually has no purpose otherwise. Fun rating: 0

Shower Scenes Make a Good Anime

When a character steps into a shower you know it’s going to be good. Once that steaming water hits that naked body with carefully picked camera angles you will be forced into submission.

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