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Hey everyone. Spring break is coming up. You know what that means? PARTYING, GETTING ON THE BEACH AND HAVING FUN. Wohoo! But also, maybe, a podcast or two? I’m expecting to get together with Luis to release a podcast over spring break. Can’t wait! Also, expect to see another RAGED article, once I can figure out how to send fanboys on a mindless rampage once again. Come to think of it, the hate from my previous RAGED articles hasn’t stopped at all. Anyways, Luis and I have been really busy with college but we’re trying to get back into some animes. If you want to talk to me please send me a message at our email address or you can even IM me on my AIM SN IHaveCrayons!




FMA Raged Interesting Comment

The following is an interesting comment I received from someone who read the FMA Raged Article. This is the e-mail I sent in reply, I received no e-mail back.

Dear Ehren,

Thank you for your comments about my RAGED articles. Before I reply to anything about your comments I want to say that I could not publish the comment because of the large amount of profanity you used. If you could please take out the curse words and the like if you are inclined I will publish it. You are entitled to your opinion. For your convenience I have provided the text below:

“First off, watch the raws, everyone knows CArtoon Network eats anime alive. Second, READ THE MANGA IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE ANIME!! For christ’s sake, what is the matter with you that you take one look at something that is in fact an action anime and say there’s nothing in it? What about all the times Ed and Al have to fight to survive? What aobut the fight between Hohenheim and DAnte before she blasts him through the gate? What about the fights with Scar? What about the fights with the homunculi?

And the manga is almost completely seperate from the anime; same characters, different plotline, but similar. And… it’s still going, getting a new greed and the homunculi father/hohenheim look alike is yet to be explained, while Roy and Riza and Ed and Al are caught in a trap by Pride/King Bradley.

If there was no plot, then hardly anyone would watch it, let alone me. FMA forces you to think and think very hard about what’s going on, makes you try to figure out what’s happening for yourself. The anime AND manga do that, the manga even more so.

The characters are blah? No character development? No variation between the charcaters? Roy is a smartass, uber controling, yet incredibly lazy colonel with very slow burning temper. Riza is a calm and collected sharp shooter with more going on with her than we know (She has a very elaborate fire transmution circle tattooed on her back), Ed is a short, pretty young man with cat like eyes and a hair trigger temper, but is otherwise a good guy at heart even when he’s being an evil little bastard, Al is his younger, sweeter and generally calmer brother, caring more about Ed’s welfare than his own, even when he may at any second have a soul to armor rejection and possibly blow up from it. (He is a very adimrable, but both are somewhat stupid at times, because they’re boys.) Winry is a very sweet and loving girl, wanting to improve in her automail work so she can make sure Ed will always be protected by her, since she feels that is the only way she will ever be able to do anything for him. She loves him dearly and Ed does the same toward her. He keeps her from sullying her hands with Scar’s blood (kept her from killing him because she found out he killed her parents) because her hands were meant for letting people live, not for killing.

As for cosplaying the characters, I love seeing how people come up with ways to dress up like the characters; I want to one day go to a convention dressed as Ed because I’m supposed to be almost exactly like him. When I saw my friend’s little sister dressed up as Ed ( and she IS him), I wanted to take as many pictures as possible, though I never was able to get a camera on her. She looked exactly like him, including the hieght. The only thing missing was the automail arm and I’ve seen some really nice automail arms and legs and even Al’s armor in my time as an FMA fan.

If you have a problem trying to find plot in this series, I suggest you try reading things meant for little children, because obviously, you never learned reading comprehension, you shitfaced moron.”


Regarding your first paragraph, I did not watch FMA on Cartoon Network. I do not know how you derived this information but I was not even aware that FMA was shown on CN. If you had seen the other posts and the like you may have noticed the trend of animes I watch, fansubs such as Noein and Fate/Stay Night that are not presently availible in the US. I watched FMA when it was being fansubbed. Also, the article is about the anime not the manga. I’m only talking about the anime, why would I read the manga? I’m not talking about the manga. I had a cordial conversation with someone who read the manga and I am aware that they are very different, but I still have no interest in reading the manga. I’m not a manga reader that is my personal preference.
I would like to make it clear that the article is an editorial not a factual objective review. If you had caught in you may have noticed the sarcastic tone in my writing, in all seriousness what does a random picture of a guy cosplaying Edward have to do with the anime? Nothing.

I didn’t like the characters. That is my opinion, but I am not going to back up on editorial with objectivity. The editorial is meant for entertainment, so again, there is no point. You like the characters, I don’t. That’s all. I do, however, like Winry but I didn’t mention her in the editorial.

I don’t know much about cosplay, I just said that people cosplay it too much.

This all aside, your opinion was somewhat helpful. It would be nice to have a comment where someone disagrees with me so that everyone can see all sides of the editorial, however, you wrote this: “you never learned reading comprehension, you shitfaced moron” Now, I am not sure why you wrote that. I was not aware that a person could be so upset over something so trivial as an opinion over a bunch of animated characters. Are you really upset over the article? If so maybe you should get your priorities straight. There should be no reason to be offended over and editorial about anime. There IS reason to be offended if someone insults you directly in a fashion totally unwarranted. Reading comprehension? I scored a 740/800 on the Reading Comprehension section of the SAT putting me in the top 3 percentile in the nation. But, there should be no reason for me to be telling you that. You do not even know me, yet you insult me over an anime?

Your other comment about fanservice again brings up issues near the end when you had an almost solid argument. You like fanservice, I don’t. Same thing as I said before, I’m ok with that. I am not offended. Then you wrote this…

“you get the picture? Probably not because you’re still bitching like a little girl and not doing anything about the problems you see, or finding out if that is all there is to what you’re seeing. you fail at life, moron.”

I do not get the picture. I don’t understand how I am ‘bitching.’ I don’t like fanservice, so what? Why would I need to do something about the ‘problems’ ? There is no problem. I don’t like fanservice, that’s just my opinion. Do you want me to call up BONES and say, “You shitfaced morons don’t put fanservice in your anime!” Why would I do that? I would just not watch any BONES anime. Furthermore, how do I ‘fail at life’? Do I fail at life because I don’t get off to animated characters’ titties? Do I fail at life because I don’t get a hardon when I see the drawn panties of an imaginary character? If so then I get a F-. Furthermore, what do I need to FIND OUT about fanservice? If you could please enlighten to me about what I’m missing, the deeper meaning of fanservice.

Now, a cordial and polite comment would be as follows. You said “Evangelion is a complete waste of time.” I disagree, this is why:
Evangelion is a heavily introspective and philosophical anime. It requires, to be fully understood, knowledge of Biblical references, mythology, and Freudian psychology. The allusions to the Bible and other Christian elements are extensive as well as the status of ‘man’ in the eyes of the creator of the anime. Evangelion is a very deep anime and in fact, to fully explain many questions present in the anime it took up to 7 pages typed (located at Eva Monkey.) Evangelion requires much though into the interrelationships of characters, the protagonists and antagonists as well as the relative plot devices. These must be connected with the aforementioned resources (Bible, Freud, Mythology) to understand truly Evangelion.

Now am I going to call you a ‘moron’ because I disagree with your opinion on Evangelion? No. I disagreed and I said why, nothing more. I did not make it personal. There is no need to get personal over an anime. But in actuality, all anime is a ‘complete waste of time.’ There is nothing productive in watching anime. Working at a job is productive. Writing an editorial about FMA is not productive. Cleaning the house is productive.

Don’t take anime so seriously. Chill.

Your Anime+ Host,




Yup. We’re at college. If you’re ever at the UT campus check me out! You can find Luis at Baylor. (Update: Luis’ photo added)

University of Texas

Yeah, not even I can believe Texas lost to Ohio. Oh well.
Luis, and stuff. (I’m in the middle)


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Where the hell are we?

Some of you may be asking, “Where the hell are we?” Well, as you may have noticed, we have not been releasing our weekly podcasts. It may be even more correct to ask, “Where the hell is Alex?” because in reality it is me that is gone. And by gone, I mean gone to college and away from Houston. We started the podcast while we were still in high school for our senior year and at that time I received my acceptance to the University of Texas in Austin where I am at presently taking summer courses. There is no possible way for Luis and I to create the podcast on a weekly basis even if I had the necessary time to edit and watch anime. You may have noticed that on our first podcast episode the voice quality was significantly lower than our subsequent podcasts the reason for this being that we attempted to do our podcast on Skype. This was ultimately more convenient but ended up being quite trashy if you ask me since we don’t have the necessary equipment than the guys, say, at Diggnation. The rest of the podcasts were done at our studio in Kingwood, Texas aka my room. It could be possible for us to do the podcast on Skype but it will be bad quality. If it risks the quality of the cast, I will not do it.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. It was a great experience and for me I was finally able to release my opinions on anime. Some of you may have hated me for some of my RAGED articles (Full Metal Alchemist ring a bell?) but I did receive many, many encouraging emails commenting on the quality of our podcast. I agree, as far as my ego will permit, that the podcast we released was top quality. One of these qualities I particularly enjoyed was the background music which is often frowned upon because it can distract the listener. I played often with the music, picking different ones and searching for what was the best. It also let me put into action many of my favorite songs.

So, you may be asking, what of the future? I will be releasing articles every now and then but the podcast will be on HOLD until the SUMMER OF 2007 when I will be free to work on the podcast.

Thanks everyone.

On a short note, we have more subscribers than we have ever had… ever.

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