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What is a podcast?
First of all podcasts are mp3 files that feature a radio show of some sort. Anime+ is a radio show featuring anime. You do not need an iPod to play our podcasts. All you need is anything that can play mp3s, your computer or your mp3 player or even burn them to CD.

How can I subscribe?
To subscribe you may either do a direct download following each post after we make a cast or you may use the feed to automatically download our podcast when a new one is released. The RSS feed required for this can be found bellow…

RSS Feed:

Subscription methods:
Some browsers like Firefox and Opera have an auto-add RSS feed feature where you simply click the feed and it automatically does everything for you. You may also use a program like iTunes by simply searching for “anime+ podcast” within the program or by clicking this hyperlink. If you have none of the above, consider using Juice (site ). Simply download this program and add our feed to your list of podcasts and it’ll automatically snatch our cast whenever we release a new one. Finally, another method of subscribing is through specialized websites like Google Reader and Bloglines.